Add Products to OMS

Completing Product information:

There are two methods of completing your product information from the homepage:
  1. By clicking on "products", the second option after "home"
  2. By clicking on "complete product info", to the right of "settings".
Incomplete products show an indicator "New" under the status tab while completed products should show an indicator "Normal" under the status tab.
Products that haven't synchronized, can manually be added by clicking on "create" at the top right corner of the screen and filling in all the information that is required.
Inventory: This shows how much inventory is stored in our warehouse, take note this only shows warehouse inventory and not Shopify inventory.
Action tab: This shows all actions that can be done to your products.
The "eye" action button allows the user to view products. The "pencil" icon is used to edit your product information. The pencil icon has two color indicators. Grey/white means that the product is incomplete, and blue meaning that the product information has been completed.
How to fill in the information after clicking the "pencil" icon in the Action tab:
Basic Information:
In the basic information, you can add "product images, SKU, English, and Chinese names, the HS code, declaration value, and the weight " of your products. The asterisk * signals information that shouldn't be left blank.
Product Images:
If you would like to beautify your Fulfillship application you can add images. If you already have the product image added on Shopify, the images will automatically synchronize.
SKU name:
Every product in the Fulfillship application needs an SKU name, this is a special name for your product that identifies it or differentiates it from other products with similar attributes. The SKU name can be alphanumeric or words alone, but can't be standalone numbers and shouldn't include special characters such as "~!@#$%^&*()_-=+\|;/?[]{}"
English and Chinese names:
Every product in our system requires an English and a Chinese name to help identify it better, for situations where you're unsure of what name to give your product in Chinese, you can use "Google translate or Baidu translate" or any translation tool and the naming error will be bypassed.
HS Code:
The HS code (Harmonized system code) is a special set of numbers in foreign trade that allows custom officers to trace the kinds of products being exported and imported. Mostly the declaration value of your product is compared with the product type being exported before the product can be allowed into or out of a country. You can ask customer services to assist with it if you're unsure of your HS code.
Declaration Value:
Is the base for which Tax/VAT will be levied on your product, a certain proportion of your TAX/VAT will be charged based on your declaration value. It is advisable to declare truthfully as when the declared value is too high, you can get taxed more than if it's low, but if the declared value is too low, your products can get confiscated giving you a penalty. A good balance is to look at your buying and selling costs and to place the value as either one of them or just in between the buying and selling cost, if products are lost in transit compensation is given back based on your declared value+shipping cost.
The weight can be set according to grams. The weight will be used as an estimate and the real weight will be updated in the system as soon as your products have completed the warehouse receiving process.
Barcode Settings:
In this section all that you would be filling is whether your product has;
  • A barcode(If you have custom barcodes select yes and add it in the barcode area)
  • Doesn't have a barcode (if you have no barcode you can select no and generate one using the "generate barcode" option) or you can create one by yourself that is in the range of 11-16 alphanumeric letters.
Logistics Attributes:
The logistics attributes describe the type of goods your product belongs to, selectable options are; Normal, Electric, and Sensitive (Cosmetic, Liquid, and Magnetic).
Please choose with caution because when you declare your product as a normal product it will automatically match with normal shipping lines and if it uses a normal shipping line but upon further inspection turns out to be an electronic or cosmetic product. You can be fined or your product can risk being confiscated by customs officers.
This means your products belong to normal products such as clothing, bottles, bags, and other general products for day-to-day activities.
This means your products are classified as either; electronic products with a built-in battery, electronic products with a removable battery, or just a general battery itself.
This means your products are classified as either cosmetic, liquid, or magnetic products.
Click save after completing everything.