Fulfillment Center Locations & Receiving Hours

All locations listed below are part of NextSmartShip's Fulfillment Network.

In order to make sure your products are well-received by our warehouse, here is what to do before shipping things to us:
1, Please create a “Warehouse Receiving Order”

2, Make sure there is a scannable barcode on all your products, if there is no barcode, you can download a product code from OMS and have them pasted on each product.

Fulfillment Center Locations:

Shenzhen, China

Sydney, Australia

New South Wales, Australia

Ontario, Canada

New Jersey, USA

California, USA


Westmidlands, United Kindom



Receiving hours are Monday through Saturday for Shenzhen Fulfillment Center. Other Fulfillment centers are Monday to Friday in local time. Please note the specific time frame for each one.

Any parcels without “Warehouse Receiving Order” or barcodes will be denied by the warehouse.

A warehouse visit to our headquarter in Shenzhen is a behind-the-scenes look at what NextSmartShip’s daily operations look like and a chance for our team to meet you in person! To schedule a visit, please reach out to our Support team.