Orders proceed

How to ship your orders from NextSmartShip App?

Simply click on “Orders” to check the details and status of your order.
There are 5 statuses of orders: Ready, Processing, Shipped, Cancelled, Hold
>> Ready: the orders under "ready" can be shipped out, choose the orders you want to ship, then click "ship the order". You can cancel orders when they are ready if you want.
>> Processing: If there is no problem with the orders, the orders will go to the "Processing" page and get tracking numbers. The warehouse will pick products and pack them according to those orders in the system. You can cancel orders when they are processed if you want.
>> Shipped: After warehouse-pack the packages and measuring the weight and size of packages again, they will update the weight and size in the system, at the same time the shipping fee will be updated in the system. The order status will become "shipped". If the status becomes shipped. You cannot cancel the orders.
If you are a Shopify seller. Once the status is shipped, the system will push tracking numbers to your Shopify store automatically.
>> Cancelled: The orders you cancelled will be shown on this page, you also can click "Return To New" to return them to "ready" so that you can ship them again.
>> Hold: If the orders have problems, for example, the products are out of stock, the address may be incorrect. Then you can find the problem to solve it. If you don't know how to solve it, you can contact customer service via LiveChat which is in the bottom right corner.
Click "View" to edit the order information, after finishing editing, click "Continue to ship". If the problems are solved, the orders will go back to the "ready" page, you can ship it