Standard B2C Pricing

Storage Cost, Shipping Cost, Handling Fee

Standard B2C Pricing

There is no fixed price list for a variety of factors that may affect the shipping cost. Please refer to your custom pricing plan for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information. You can always contact your fulfillment advisor for a pricing list.

  Pricing Additional Info
Software & Integrations Free + unlimited integrations Currently supports Shopify , Woocommerce and Wix integration.
Receiving Fee Free  
Handling Fee

Shenzhen fulfillment center handling fee is 0.99 USD for one order.


Including picking & packing, blank packing materials, shipping labels
Storage Cost

Shenzhen fulfillment center offers free storage for your first 30 days; After 30 days, charge US $1.25/day/cbm

For fulfillment centers in other countries, the storage cost varies from country to country. Always contact your fulfillment advisor for more information.



Shipping Cost

In OMS, there is a Freight forecost function to know the cost of every shipping channels to different countries.

The shipping cost is dynamic year-round.