When can I send my products to your fulfillment center?

Steps need to be done before starting to send inventory to our fulfillment center

Don’t send inventory to our fulfillment center until  you have finished the following steps:

1, Get your NSS sytem account. 

2,  Make sure all products are normal status

3. If there is no scannable product barcode on the package of every product, then you need to download the product code from NSS system and paste it to every product.

4. Created a WRO(Warehouse Receiving Order ) record to let us know be ready to receive your cargos


After your products arrive in our fulfillment center, the warehouse will do:

1, Unpack your cargo

2, Scan every product, count and check

3, Update your product inventory information system

4, You can check the details of your received inventory  on the Products page in NSS system.