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What is WRO(Warehouse Receiving Order)?

Warehouse Receiving Orders

Warehouse Receiving Orders (WROs) is essential for our team to identify shipments and accurately receive inventory. 

WROs are generated in the dashboard and physical copies should be printed and attached to each incoming box or pallet. 

In the case that there is no WRO in the system and your manufacturer doesn't attach a physical WRO to each shipment, we have the following process to get the shipment received: 

The shipment will move to on-hold until someone comes to check this shipment. In peak times, the warehouse will not be able to check this information in time, which will definitely affect your orders process.

*Note: Especially for the products sent to our warehouse by truck, there is no tracking number,  it is very important to attach the physical copy (product list) to the incoming box so that warehouse can know which receiving order it is.


How to create a WRO?

Please check  Create receiving order  to  get how to create a WRO